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Mar 1, 2010

World Challenge Preparation : After Paint

March First. 18 days. Lots of thing were accomplished yesterday.

The #36 is starting to look more like a car. The AIT Racing hatch is on. Seat mounts and belt mounts are in. Rear bumper back on. We mocked up the intercooler.

Dave holding up the AIT Racing Hatch.  The hoods and hatches have held up to several years of abuse on the racetrack .  Thanks Pat. Pat from AIT came out and helped crew on a few of the WERC Endurance races last year, and came up to support us at the Laguna Seca TC2 race.

We took all the suspension off the #36. Energy Suspension is getting the arms tomorrow for installation of urethane bushings. Some other adapters are getting machined.Spare hubs and other parts are being fabricated.

Engine compartment. TRD Supercharger and Intercooler. Fuel test port


Steering wheel, top of the dash in. Starting to plumb the fire extinguishing system.

Long Wheel Studs in the rear hubs

Front bumpers #36 and #18

Big bag of extra wiring that was removed

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