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Apr 1, 2010

Too Cool : MiataBusa : That Is What You Are Thinking


Dave Coleman is my hero. He always gets into some cool, wacky, weird stuff. I have known him for years since the Sport Compact Car Magazine days.  Smart guy, and a wacky guy, heres his new project.  Mount a Hayabusa 1300cc engine in a Miata.  Aka


You know what makes it really cool? “Its 99 lb-ft toruqe output is nearly a dead match for the original Miata's 100 lb-ft, but its 171 hp (or 197 if you drop the big bucks on a 2008 or newer engine) will give the Miata the longitudinal urgency it so desperately needs.”.

Dave has come up with a way to mount the Miata transmission to the Hayabusa engine in a very right, very wrong way. I can’t wait to hear the Miata at 10,500 rpm. I think they really need to go all in at first and just turbocharge it. A 400 whp, 10k rpm Miata. So wrong, so right.

Head over to MotoIQ for a full writeup on the Miatabusa.

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