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May 27, 2010

People Are So Very Confused

Well it is legal.  The car comes with a NY State Title.  The vehicle was imported by the good old USA.  When a government official lives in a certain area for a certain amount of time they are allowed to purchase a vehicle.  When they return home, they have the option to bring their vehicle back with them and are given the needed paperwork.  This is what was told to me.  From other sources I have talked to, this seems to check out.  This particular car came from Japan on a Army plane, so I was told.
R33-Ebay -NY
UPDATE :Something I did not notice, it shows a substitute for US VIN plate. The plate looks correct, but the chassis/VIN number does not show up in my records of cars.  Correct information, could actually help this guy out on a sale, rather than some weird reason.

Wow that's a new way to import.  I didn't know government officials were given a free pass. This is another classic case of people hearing bits and pieces of information, and then twisting those little bits of information to fit themselves.  Coming over on an ARMY plane, must make it legal.  Or, so he was told it came over on an ARMY plane.  I highly doubt this car has ever been on a plane, or an ARMY plane. Anything is possible, but it seems like to me, that if the military did move it, they would use something normal, like a ship.
As close as I can get to a “government official” being allowed a vehicle is as a temporary import, which is legal.
A non-resident of the US may import a car for a period not to exceed one year, however they can not sell the car in the US. Box 5 HS-7  So, that ones out.
A Diplomat or member of an organization designated under the international organizations immunities act can import a vehicle for personal use during the importers tour of duty. It has to be exported at the end of the tour of duty unless sold to another person who is eligible to import a vehicle under this exemption. Box 6 HS-7. So unless the guy selling it is a diplomat and selling it to another diplomat that one is out too.
There's more, member of the armed services of a FOREIGN country. That is someone from a country, that is not the US, importing a car for personal use while on duty in the US. It must be exported at the end of the importers tour of duty. Box 12, HS-7
So that about ends the temporary imports for government officials. Just because you write it, doesn’t mean that its legal, or that it was done legally.  This is so true in the car importing world. Most people are ignorant of the laws, and either intentionally or unintentionally violate importation laws.
The asking price of $110,000 is a little out there. With the current market, the current going ons in the Nissan Skyline world, the $32k bid doesn’t sound too bad or too far off for a state legal car like this.
Source : Freshalloy , and Ebay


Anonymous said...

Military members are allowed to take 1 car with them shipped free when they are reassigned duty stations. Otherwise, do they expect you to buy a new car every time you move bases? He could've been stationed at a base in japan, got orders to USA; catch my drift. It's quite possible a federal employee of any type had it flown for free.

Sean Morris said...

This is an example of only knowing one part of the whole picture. It is true the military will move one vehicle on a PCS move. However, and this is the big part, that vehicle has to be able to be brought into compliance with US regulations.

Yes they will move a car, No the Nissan GT-R does not meet US DOT and EPA regulations.

I did six years in the US Navy, I know the importing rules and regulations.

My reason for pointing this out, is to save military members, and other people grief, by educating them to mis-information that is given by people with no clue.

Do everyone a favor, read the rules and regulations, and get a clue.