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Jun 19, 2010

Lebron James Coming to the Lakers ?


Lebron James is a man looking for a team.  Looking for some rings. So far in Cleveland, he has been unsuccessful at winning a Championship. 

My outside the box scenario is that LeBron goes to Los Angeles and joins the Lakers. It actually is a perfect scenario. LeBron could be the Magic Johnson-esque point guard to replace Derek Fisher in the starting lineup (keep Fish around for those big shots he provides).

My thoughts are more along the lines of he comes off the bench in Adam Morrison's spot.  Adam Morrisson has played about eight minutes the last two years, and he has two rings.  Sure, Lebron won’t get as much up front money, maybe he might get league minimum, but he should have a chance to get some rings on those fingers.

My girlfriend says I am delusional.  I probably am.

Source : Sportz Assassin

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