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Jul 29, 2010

Jeremy Boddy and Used JDM : Still Trying To Scam You

 Jeremy Boddy

Jeremy Boddy is at it again. Changing names and websites. Now on Trade Car View, as of July 21, 2010 they put up this notice of unrelated/unauthorized website.

Jeremy  Boddy has gone from Drift Tuners to JDM Experts to Used JDM, and who knows how many names before and after.

His MO is to put up websites, offer importing services. Collect $2,000- $3,000 from people to find and import a car.  Then he disappears. He uses multiple names, multiple accounts, and even gives himself referrals on forums.  He has been found out on Freshalloy, Nico, and lots of other internet forums. 

The guy is total scum.  I don’t know how much money he owes people, but over the years I have been contacted by a number of people.


Source: Freshalloy

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