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Sep 30, 2010

Right Hand Drive Roundup 2010 – Update

RHD Honda

Update 10/1: I received an email from someone that said an R33 GTS-t was seized in Southern California.  The car was being seized because it was imported illegally, and the DMV documents, and CHP signatures had been forged on the documentation for the vehicle.  The same inspector, the same task force.

What’s the Right Hand Drive Roundup of 2010? Good question. Something I am in the process of trying to figure out.  There have been a few cars seized by the Auto Task Force of Orange County.

Here is what I know.  Two cars were seized from an owners house. Both cars were titled in California.

Now here is where the rumors start.  There were supposedly a few other cars that have been seized locally in Southern California. I don’t have any confirmation of it, but I have heard a couple versions of the same story, that point back to the original true story. 

If you have any no bullshit stories about imported cars being seized within the last two weeks please email me –  . I don’t want to hear rumors of a guy, that knows a girl, that heard of a car. I want to hear from actual owners, that have had a car seized. .

As far as I can tell, this is not directly related to Kaizo.

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