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Sep 25, 2010

RIPS RB30 Powered Dragster Ready for a New Season


Rob from RIPS in New Zealand, posted up some information on his RB30 powered rail called FED.  He is trying to beat the HKS 180sx’s fastest pass of 7.18@190 mph .


Good luck to Rob, in the coming season.  I think he might need to get the car to Australia or the US, to really show its potential.  The tracks in New Zealand, just don’t have the prep to support a car this fast. 

I'm happy with the car now, I think it looks much better than last year, we have wider rear wheels and tyres, new front and rear wings and top fuel style side deflectors, hopefully this will all help with traction and stability so we can push it much harder than we previously could.


Source: GTR.Co.UK

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