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Mar 12, 2011

GMC Typhoon Drag Racing : 12.11 and 11.95

Way back when, in a galaxy far away, I ran my GMC Tyhpoon at Pomona. These are two of my best passes. a 12.11 and a 11.95. My best pass was an 11.85, but after my truck was stolen, and I sprayed a little nitrous on top of boost.

In San Diego

With another Typhoon that went to Japan

After the truck was stolen

After the truck was stolen
After this video, the truck was stolen off the trailer at my house.  They ran it though the locked fence.  I actually found it, got the police to come, and they arrested the guy that stole it.   The engine was hurt, the truck was hurt, so I decided to use the nitrous that I had plumbed, but not used since I ran a no jet shot.  The last pass I ran, it did a 11.85. I pulled the engine with Brian, and it has sat since then. Its moved about three or four times, but hasn't ran in over 10 years.

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