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May 21, 2011

Toyo-baru on the 405 Freeway in Camouflage

Getting onto the 405 freeway yesterday around 5pm, I ran into this car in full camo.  It was funny, because I was on the phone, talking to a team mate of mine from the Scion tC racing team.  At first I thought that the car was an FR-S, but it seems like it might be the Subaru version of the "Toyo-baru".  I wasn't sure if the distributor license plate was a Scion plate, but I checked later and its a Subaru plate.   I took a couple of quick snaps.  Two people in the car, CB antenna on it, they seem to be doing some calibration work. Lost them on the freeway prior to being able to grab my good camera.  The car had a nice shape overall, and the front appears to be a lot more conservative than the FR-S prototypes.

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Mike M Images said...

Come on over to the dark side of Subarus :D