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Feb 23, 2012

How Much Does an RB26 Weigh?

How much does an RB26DETT weigh? Its a question that gets asked a lot in automotive circles. The lighter something is, the easier it is to accelerate, brake, and turn.

The lighter a car is, the easier it is on equipment like brake pads, and tires. I weighed some RB26 parts myself several years ago. Some of the other information is gathered from the internet. Never believe anything you read on the internet.

Heads cams /valve covers- 72 lbs
Block bare - 145 lbs
Pistons /rings in box - 8lbs
Front diff/pan - 55 lbs
Rods in box - 11 lbs
HKS 2.8 crank (should be similar to stock) - 60 lbs
Tubular HKS manifolds - 11 lbs
Turbo - 16 lbs each
Cast turbo outlets - 6 lbs.

Total of around 406 lbs . This is still missing lots of bits and pieces . All the intake manifold stuff , the throttle bodies , sensors , oil cooler .Lines , Inlet piping , coil pack , belts , flywheel/clutch.

Block: water pump, ac/ps brackets; 150lbs
Crank: with crank girdle; 65 lbs
head: intake/exhaust manifold, no valve covers and coils; 110lbs
Pistons: with rod bolts and rods; 15lbs
oil pan: 7 lbs
valve covers: both with coil pack cover; 10lbs
Rear oil seal cover,oil pump, crank pulley; 10lbs
Flywheel: with ACT rb25 PP and disk; 35lbs
stock turbo; 15lbs

417 lbs with all major parts.

VR38DETT Fully dressed - 608 lbs.
608 lbs - VR38DETT

Here is some information I gathered of some forum somewhere. Some of the information is just guessed, like RB26 weights at 550-700+lbs.

KA - 368lbs (unknown if that is short, long, or fully dressed) - posted by UKnissan
RB20 - 476.8lbs YoMani (or something like that, he's on nico) weighed it himself
RB25DET - 720lbs - sport compact car magazine Sept 2003
RB26 unknown to me but estimates range from 550-700lbs from what I just read, I GUARANTEE it is a sh!tload heavier than these weights:
VQ35 - 260lbs longblock, no intake manifold - weighed by JClaw, lifted by himself onto bathroom scale
VQ30 Shortblock - 127lbs weighed by JClaw on his bathroom scale - including rotating assembly, no heads, no timing cover, and of course no intake manifold.
VQ30 long block - 246lbs weighed by ME at aluminum recycling facility. No intake manifold, obviously including rotating assembly, block, heads, timing equipment.
VQ30 long block (different one than above) 315lbs - lifted by my buddy and I onto bathroom scale at my buddy's house with no problems whatsoever.

VQ35 long block component pieces weighed on shipping scale by eng92 - 277lbs - block, heads, rotating assembly.
VQ35 long block including intake manifold, no accessories - 313lbs weighed on a recently calibrated auditing scale with supposedly accurate to within +/- 0.5lbs

VQ30 long block, undressed - 338lbs

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