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Mar 14, 2012

18 x 11 and 18 x 10.5 Volk TE37 305 RA1 Tire

18 x 11 TE37 and a 18 x 10.5 TE37

On the left, the black/red Volk Racing Time Attack TE37 in an 18 x 11 with a Toyo RA1 mounted.  On the right the bronze Volk Racing TE37 in an 18 x 10.5 with a Toyo 305 mounted.

It is fairly dramatic how much taller the 305 looks on the 11 inch rim.

 The Volk TE37 normal off the shelf size was a 18 x10.5, but when I was involved with running the R34 GT-R in World Challenge, we had Volk make us up some 18 x 11 +18. For World Challenge in 2006, we had one tire choice- an RA1, in either a 275 or a 305 size. We tested on the 275s and 10.5's and we were literally killing them in a 50 minute session.  Once we went up to the 305 on the 10.5 the tires would last a race, and lots of testing on a single set. It was fairly dramatic how different the wear was on the two sizes of the tires. Once we got the 11's, I was a lot happier with how it squared up the tire/wheel

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