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Dec 8, 2012

#500 : More Radioing

On the drive down to Cars and Coffee, turns out that just a headunit in #500, wasn't going to cut it. The stock 22 year old Kenwood N'Fit speakers had seen better days. The rear 3 ways were buzzing, and the fronts were not much better.
Its missing a little bit of the speaker surround.
I pulled the door panel off on the drivers side to check out the speaker. Wanted to make sure before I purchased anything, that it was actually a factory size, and hadn't been altered. The stock R32 door speakers are a 4"x 6" plate. One of those odd sizes. It seems the consensus on the internet is to just fabricate up a plate, and bolt a 6.5 inch speaker to it. Lacking any motivation to go on a building spree, I found some Polk Audio 4" x 6" plates. They more or less should have screwed right in, but the Nissan and the Polk need some help to get along.

Only took a little bit of cutting, welding, and grinding to make them fit.
The rear speakers also had a slight buzzing issue.
Might be missing some pieces. I am no speaker tech though.
The rear speakers were some kind of dealer install. 3 way Kenwood N-Fit's. The bigger speaker was a massive 4 inch. While I was in Best Buy picking up the front 4" x 6" plates, I found some 4" Pioneer speakers to replace the 4" in the Kenwood's, which had a few issues.

If I had real speakers, they would go here in the rear deck, not be bolted to here. 
Its a start. At least there are four working speakers in the car now, or is that 8? Onto tomorrow and a photo shoot.

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