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Jan 31, 2013

Divided RB26 Twin Turbo Pipe

Polished Twin Turbo Pipe on an RB26DETT
Back in 2007, we tested a divided twin turbo pipe on Josh's Orange R33 to see if we could see any difference in performance.  On the dyno we saw from about 7 whp to 18 whp difference over the two sets of three runs we did.

For the Show or Display Nismo R32 GT-R's I decided to get a couple of pipes made up. One for #500 and one for #383. Its a pretty simple piece. It just keeps the front turbo from fighting the rear turbo too much. Thanks to Attila for welding them up for us. Next will probably be a quick coat of paint. Flat black everything. I like looking stock, telling everyone its stock, but not really being stock. Stock turbocharger compressor outlet gasket x 3 per car (you only need 1 if just doing the pipe) - 14465-05U11  or A4465-05U11

Divided twin turbo pipe for an RB26DETT

The orange car is Stock engine, stock turbos, aftermarket downpipe, exhaust, intake, Apex intercooler, Power FC.
The starter on the orange car was starting to click, but it would start about every other time. While dynoing another car, Josh put some more pump gas in it, and pulled the front propshaft so we could run it on the dyno.
The last time on the dyno boost was about 14.7 psi and the car did a max of 346 whp.
This time boost was up to a peak of about 19 psi and the car with the modified outlet pipe did 378.3 hp , 380 hp, and 378.8 hp. Josh changed the outlet pipe back to a stock pipe, went to start the car, and the starter just clicked. Time to change the starter. 20 minutes later, with another starter in it, do a couple pulls. 361 hp first pull , then 371 hp , then back to 361 hp. Boost was around the same 19 psi, but the car was a lot less consistent.


Anonymous said...

Nice! So this is no "myth" after all? But will this twin pipe division still be effective / felt on stock boost or just on 1bar up? But when installing we must replace one gasket there huh? :)

Sean Morris said...

I think it will be effective on any RB26 car. Stock boost or otherwise.

There is a paper gasket there. I would highly recommend replacing it. Its the cold side of the turbo, but still gets warm.