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Mar 3, 2013

NASA Auto Club Speedway March 3, 2013

Cars lined up to go out on track
Yesterday, I was out at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for a NASA event. Along with HPDE(High Perforamance Driver Education) they had several race groups from Spec Miata, and Spec E30, to Super Unlimited cars. Dan had the DG Spec Lotus Elise out. Its a great little track car. It doesn't use much of anything, brake, tire, or fuel. Out on track its really stable, and my best word to describe a ride around the track was "comfortable." It didn't wiggle and squirm around like most street cars. It went where it was supposed to go.  Dan managed a couple of 1:59 laps, so we were also pretty happy with the cars performance. In car video from the end of the day on Sunday below.
DG Spec Lotus Elise

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