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Apr 3, 2013

Taisan Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R

Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R  Chassis 91-001
Some people laughed at me, when I said I was going to look for a real Group A R32 for sale. Thanks to Mr. Pankew from Autoblog Canada, I found one. 1991 Taisan Group A R32. Raced 1991 in Group A.  Its listed on a for sale site, but no price.I am doing a little more work to see if I can get a price on it, hopefully something realistic.

According to the pictures this is 91-001. The first customer chassis for 1991. Looks like it would be fun to take out and do some historic racing.

From looking at the car in this post - this car here may have been a 1991-1992 only car, or one of the team cars. Often in racing, cars/chassis are replaced every year or two. .  There are a few differences. Wheels - SSR, the logos on the car are a little different. The gauges in the dash, and under the hood are different. Things get changed and refined during the racing season, and improvements are made. Tilton brake control, twin rear coolers, all things on what looks like the later car, are not on this early car.  Either way, real Group A car.
I wonder what the chassis number is under that plate?

It is the advent of R32 Gr.A GT-R. 
Kunimitsu Takahashi said that the country 's and Mr. Keiichi Tsuchiya Dorikin that was driven, in which the GT-R that Taisan STP. 
For the purpose of victory in the All Japan Touring Car Championship (Group A), R32 GT-R that appeared to be winning the race, group A specification is based on the GT-R Nismo commercial model made. 
Koki Nissan Oppama charge, around the engine, 1990, the body and the drive system Gr.A GT-R NISMO made ​​responsible for the suspension, from the Nismo with a price tag of 55 million yen been limited sales. Car its first becomes this vehicle. 
This vehicle has began to compete in (JTC) All Japan Touring Car Championship from 1991 to 1993 will be the last year of Group A, played at Autopolis earnest desire to win the second leg. 
To the extent that raced at fan events such as the Nismo Festival, and it seems to have a full restoration in the ALMS in 2000 NISMO Omori Factory. 
Of course, starting from one engine still, stored motion. 
Great car that was exploded the popular GT-R, moreover Kunimitsu Takahashi / Tsuchiya Keiichi probably quite a few fans ran hot with that name combination is still burned into my mind. 
This vehicle with a history such a wonderful, of course, GT-R fans will be unbearable gem to Facebook fan and fan Dorikin country.
38L tank for brake water cooling

5 speed H pattern. Oil temperature, fuel pressure, fan controls, and ATTESA control

Battery mounted in the rear

AP Brakes. Volk Magnesium centerlock wheels. 260/40/AR18 tires

HICAS four wheel steering rack, brake cooling, and suspension arms are visible from here

As delivered the engine was 550 horsepower, but at 1.6 bar, they say it did 650 horsepower. 

Fuel cell, and fuel pumps

Acrylic windows that roll down with a handle, and if the translation is correct, the power switch

The dash. Nismo tach, oil pressure, boost gauges
Check out the video below for startup, and idle forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.

Source: Autoblog Canada, eh

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