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May 25, 2013

SoCal GT-R Rampage 5-25-13

Pauls R35 GT-R in front of the Korean Friendship Bell
A few SoCal Nissan GT-R guys got together for a little cruise, and a Fast and Furious 6 viewing 5-25-13. Not a ton of cars this time, 7 R35's and 3 R32's. We met up at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro. Great views, something I never even knew existed.  I have been doing a little bit of work to #500. Purchased a set of R34 wheels, 18 x 9 with 245/45/18 tires versus the stock 16 x 8 wheels and 225/50/16 tires.

 View this entire album: SoCal GT-R Rampage 5-25-13

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