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Jun 2, 2013

Lets Get the 1995 R33 Skyline Back on the Importation Eligibility List

Who wants to help me try and get the 1995 R33 Skyline back on the NHTSA eligibility list? In 2006, when they partially rescinded VCP-17 and made it VCP-32, they said there was no way to reliably tell if a 1995 car had dual airbags. There is a way. Just need to have a copy of FAST.

Because it has no way to reliably determine whether any particular 1995 model Skyline vehicle was originally equipped with a passenger air bag, the agency is unwilling to retain import eligibility for that model year.

Sure there is a way. It should be right here in FAST. There is an 18 digit code that breaks down the options on the car. A dual bag car should be buried in there somewhere. I need some help translating the model codes.  Some are a little cutoff.

Blue Information plate example
Same chassis number in FAST. Showing the same info for chassis code

18th digit in the OP code.

A = Viscous LSD
C = Visous LSD + ABS
D = Driver Airbag
E = Driver Airbag + Viscous LSD
F = Driver Airbag + Viscous LSD + ABS
G = Driver Airbag / Passenger Airbag + Viscous LSD + ABS
H = Driver Airbag + ABS
J = Driver Airbag / Passenger Airbag + ABS
K = Driver Airbag / Passenger Airbag
L = Fender Mirror
M = Viscous LSD + Fender Mirror
N = Fender Mirror + ABS
P = Viscous LSD + Fender Mirror + ABS
Q = Driver Airbag + Fender Mirror
R = Driver Airbag + Viscous LSD + Fender Mirror
S = Driver Airbag + Viscous LSD + Fender Mirror + ??? + ABS
T = Driver Airbag + Passenger Airbag + Viscous LSD + Fender Mirror + ABS
U = Driver Airbag + Passenger Airbag Viscous LSD
V = Passenger Airbag + Fender Mirror
W = Viscous LSD + Passenger Airbag + Fender Mirror

Here is something really weird. Every single 1995 dual airbag car, that I know the chassis number to, doesn't show up in FAST....It seriously seems like they purged all the Motorex cars out of FAST. For instance. Justins old car. Dual airbag 1995 car. BCNR33-003121.

R33 Chassis number information and production -

Chassis Start End #

Here I will start.
BCNR33-000051 - No Info
BCNR33-000100 - No Info
BCNR33-00500 -  GGJPRWFR33ZDA-J---
BCNR33-00600 - GGJPRQFR33ZDA-----
BCNR33-009270-GGJPRQFR33ZDAGJ--K   - Winner the last car in 1995 had dual air bags.

More chassis plate decoding information-

"However, the air bag production chart provided by Nissan shows that 
no driver's air bags were available in the R32 GTS model until August 
1991. For the R32 GTR model, no driver's air bag was offered until 
February 1994, and it was then offered only as optional equipment. 
Nissan did not offer passenger's air bags in the R32 model. Nissan 
began production of the R33 model in August 1993, offering both 
driver's and passenger's air bags as optional equipment on the GTS 
model. It was not until January 1995 that a driver's air bag was 
offered on the GTR model. As of January 1995, the driver's air bag 
became standard on both GTS and GTR models. One year later, in January 
1996, the passenger's air bag became standard on both GTS and GTR 
    Nissan has informed the agency that it does not possess records 
that would allow it to determine whether any individual vehicle had air 
bags installed as optional equipment. Based on the information 
furnished by Nissan, the agency can only be assured that R33 model 
vehicles, produced by Nissan beginning in January 1996, had both 
driver's and passenger's air bags installed as original equipment." forum for discussion about importing vehicles over 25 years old to the US.


Anonymous said...

Great I'm in, so what do you need help with to make this happen?

Unknown said...

Are you also able to copy the codes into a Google excel document? It will make it a ton easier for translating.

Sean Morris said...

Mostly what I need now that we know the 18th digit tells us dual airbag, is finding all the cars. If we have a list with every dual airbag car on it, then less work for them.

Neal Hartman said...


I've just sent you an e-mail with my VIN plate. I've got a 1995, so hoping I can help.