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Monday, October 07, 2013

Shift S3ctor 1/2 Mile Racing October 6

GT-R's from SP Engineering

This last weekend was a big event for the Shift S3ctor organization at the Coalinga Municipal Airport. Ton's of 1000+ horsepower cars showed up, and went for the highest trap speed, plus some side by side roll racing. Highest mph of the weekend was 224.99 by a Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo.  There was a good amount of attrition in the GT-R and Lamborghini camp. Quickest GT-R went 215 mph if my information is right.
224.99 mph. The fastest GT-R ran 215 mph on Saturday
It says 1200 hp on the window, but someone mentioned more like 1800 hp at 40 psi. 
Check out the pictures, and I will get some more videos up over the next week.