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Feb 23, 2014

1794 Horsepower RB26 Engine on the Dyno

Check out the Worlds Fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R's engine on the dyno in New Zealand. The engine from the Heat Treatments R32 is on methanol, and not doing bad for 2.6 liters.  They say its 164 cubic inches - or about 2687 cc.  Stock the engine is 156 cubic inches or 2568 cc.  They have gone 7.41@193 mph and supposedly made as much as 1780 horsepower to the wheels, so not sure if this is a step up.

Heat Treatments are tuning a VQ35 engine for a rear wheel drive drag car, and the RB26 for the R32. This is what they had to say.
"GTR boost was 55lb and the VQ was only 35lb... VQ made its power easy."

The VQ head is much better than the old RB26 head, and there is no replacement for displacement. Especially displacement and technology.

The Heat Treatments Drag Racing team's Nissan Skyline RB26 (164.58 cubic inch) Inline 6 cylinder engine makes 6 horsepower less than 1800 running methanol controlled by a MoTeC M800 Engine Management System calibrated by Shane Tecklenburg (Tuned by Shane T). Engine was designed and manufactured in house at the Heat Treatments Ltd. factory in Auckland, New Zealand. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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