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Apr 22, 2014

XJ220 Powered Ford Transit Van

Vehicle development in secret is a real thing. Manufacturers don't want to tip their cards too early on some vehicles. In this case the Jaguar XJ220 engine and driveline was installed in this lowly Ford Transit van, complete with rack and ladders. Originally the XJ220 was to be all wheel drive and a V12, but the actual car was rear wheel drive and a V6 twin turbo. Read some more about the controversy at Show or Display.  The 1992-1994 Jaguar XJ220 was approved for Show or Display, and we have seen several at the emissions testing labs. They say the van will do 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds, which would make it into a pretty fun van. It really looks the part. If you didn't notice the wheels, no way to tell what lives inside. 

The Transit was transformed by Jaguar into a secret test vehicle for the XJ220’s engine and running gear early on in the development of the XJ220. The van even had a ladder and roof rack fitted as part of its disguise. Unless you noticed the big ZR high speed tyres and XJ220 alloys, there are few clues to the 542bhp engine lurking underneath.

Source: for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

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