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May 13, 2015

Replacement 12 Volt Battery for Nissan Skyline GT-R - R32

RB26DETT on a Battery Tender
R32 GT-R Battery on a Battery Tender
When cars sit, the battery has a tendency to go flat or dead. Accessories within the car pull a small load on the battery, and eventually there is no more power. If you let it sit for long enough, you kill the 12 volt battery.

The R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R has a pretty small 12V battery. It is also a fairly easy car to start. Its not some huge compression big block. its a short stroke inline 6 that doesn't need a whole bunch of CCA to start.

The OEM battery is small (approx 7 1/4 wide, 7 3/4 inches tall, and 5 inches thick), and they have Japanese sized terminals(JIS Terminals). Which means they are smaller. Not as thick as American terminals. Nothing else meant by those statements at all. Keep it clean.

When my R32 GT-R arrived, the battery was flat. It was one of the first things I was expecting to replace. However, I had a Battery Tender at home, plugged it in, and the car has been starting strong since. (2+ years). I highly recommend keeping a car you don't daily drive on a tender.

OEM Battery Hold down - 24420-01U10
OEM Battery J Hook bolt -  24425-89901

R32 GT-R battery terminal, cap, and fusible link

Cap - 24345-51E64
Terminal   -24347-51E64
Fusible Link - 24022-F6100

S46B24R battery was in my Nismo R32 GT-R. It is a JIS terminal battery, and crosses over to the Toyota Prius here in the US. It weighs in at 28.78 lbs on our scale.

An AC Delco Battery for an R32 from Japan.

Product number: 40B19R (V9550-5006) control number: DBT-N589
340 CCA  32 AH

About 20 lbs.
A type terminals

Y type terminals

Cold Weather Package Cars

85D26R Battery in a cold weather package R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

There are versions of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, that were produced for cold climates with larger batteries.  These batteries had SAE terminals, and still fit in the stock location.

Dimension (mm):  258 x 171 x 200 x 225 (Length x Width x Height x Total Height)

Buy USA Legal R32 Skylines at! for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

So what can you get in the US that works?

Brand Part Number Terminal CCA Weight L H W
OEM R32 40BR19 JIS 340 20 lbs 7.25 7.75 5
Bosch S46B24R JIS 530 29 lbs 9.312 8.5 4.94
Exide FP-AGM51JIS JIS 440 33 lbs 9.3 8.5 4.9
Optima 8171-767 JIS 575 26 10 9 5
Optma 8025-160 SAE 720 32 lb 10.5 7.75 6.8
Odyssey PC680 None 170 13.5 7.2 7.5 3.1

40B19R Lithium Iron

The best battery I have used recently for Nissan Skyline GT-R, that has JIS terminals, is reasonably priced, and seems to work best are the LiFePo4 or Lithium Iron batteries. I have been using them a few years now on a few different cars. I had one melt down on me, but I think that was more alternator failure, and some user error.  The cars starters actually sound a little different, like a little more pissed off, and the car seems to come to life faster. 


3.1 kg (6.8 lbs), but they honestly feel like they weigh nothing. 

An Odyssey PC680.  Small battery. They are more for motorsports type applications. They really need to be left on a tender. They don't have a lot of reserve capacity. Once you kill them once, I've never been able to bring them back to life.  Still loses about 5 lbs compared to a stock size battery. Plus there are correct terminals available. Prices aren't horrible.

Pulse (5-second) Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA)520
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)170
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah)16
Reserve Capacity Minutes24
Dimensions L x W x H (in)7.15 x 3.00 x 6.65
Metric Dimensions L x W x H (mm)181.5 x 76.3 x 167.8
Weight (lbs)15.4
Weight (kg)7

These guys have the Japanese JIS terminals that screw into an Odyssey battery.


This is the old 51-440BAGM battery. It has been replaced by the S6535B
75 RC
45 Ah
S6535B with JIS terminals. Aka Prius 12v battery

Exide Edge AGM

Item Weight32.9 pounds
Product Dimensions9.3 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches

Optima Yellow Top - Prius replacement

This battery has the small JIS terminals and fits well in a Nissan Skyline GT-R.  5 lbs less than the red top 25 series battery. Part # 8171-767

Optima 8171-767 Battery in an R32 GT-R

Performance Data

Nominal Voltage:12 volts
Open Circuit Voltage (fully charged):13.1 volts
Internal Resistance (fully charged):0.0046 ohms
Capacity:38 Ah (C/20)
Reserve Capacity:BCI: 66 minutes (25 amp discharge, 80°F (26.7°C), to 10.5 volts cut-off)

Physical Characteristics

Plate Design:
High purity lead-tin alloy. Wound cell configuration utilizing proprietary
Sulfuric acid, H2SO4
Case Color:Light Gray
Cover Color:“OPTIMA“ Yellow
Group Size:JIS: 46B24R
Weight:26 lb
Length:9.272 in
Width:5.024 in
Height:8.885 in


CCA (BCI 0°F):450 amps
MCA (BCI 32°F):575 amps


  Optima Red Top

This will last longer, but the car will gain some weight on the nose.  About an 11 lb gain. SAE terminals. Stock is JIS size.

Battery Model:25
Part Number:8025-160
NSN:Number applied for, product currently available
UPC Code:8 11405 00160 4

Performance Data

Cold Cranking Amps:720
Cranking Amps:910
Nominal Voltage:12 volts
Open Circuit Voltage (fully charged):12.8 volts
Internal Resistance (fully charged):0.0030 ohms
Capacity:44 Ah (C/20)
Reserve Capacity:BCI: 100 minutes (25 amp discharge, 80°F (26.7°C), to 10.5 volts cut-off)

Physical Characteristics

Plate Design:
High purity lead-tin alloy.  Wound cell configuration utilizing proprietary
Sulfuric acid, H2SO4
Case Color:Dark Gray
Cover Color:“OPTIMA“ Red
Group Size:BCI: 25
Post Type:SAE Post
Weight:31.7 lb

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Anonymous said...

I would also like to suggest Optima Yellow Top D51 for the GTR BNR32. It fits perfect and you'll have extra space too since it is smaller.