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Jul 2, 2015

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R Colors - Production of Each Paint Code - KH2 - 732 - KG1 - TH1 - AH3

Can you believe it, a KH2 Nissan Skyline GT-R.
Update: GT-R Registry has a full breakdown of colors and types. Check it out. They managed to get lots of the missing FAST info.

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R colors and production numbers

FAST - Nissan's parts ordering system, has a way to look up cars by chassis number. From the chassis number you can find out the equipment originally installed on the car "the options", the color codes, date of production, and a few other details.

Group A R32 GT-R

Now that IVI - is importing and selling a lot of 25 year old Nissan Skyline GT-R's in the USA, we get a lot of questions about colors. It always seems that most of the cars are - dark grey. The color is called Gunmetal - Gun Grey, or Gun Grey Metallic. The color code KH2 was the campaign color of the car, so it was the one that was in all the brochures.

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It seems that the FAST database is missing a lot of cars (664 in 1989, 969 in 1990, 981 in 1991 ). Our best guess is the cars that have been de-registered have been removed from the database.  So exported cars, crashed cars, or other cars may not show up. However we can pull numbers from what are listed.

BNR32 Color Codes
#KH2 - Gun Grey Metallic
#KG1 - Jet Silver Metallic
#TH1 - Dark Blue Pearl
#AH3 - Red Pearl Metallic
#732 - Black Pearl Metallic
#326 - Crystal White
#KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic
#BL0 - Greyish Blue Pearl (special order)
#AN0 - Wine Red

In 1991, Nissan Skyline GT-R chassis codes - VIN numbers- started at chassis number 13745, or BNR32-013745 and went to chassis number BNR32-017467 (07/91) in the early model. Although for some reason chassis number BNR32-013748, BNR32-013749, and BNR32-013752 to BNR32-013759 are listed as 12/90. Then chassis number 212001 started the middle model run. BNR32-212001 to BNR32-215653. Although FAST and one other reference differ.

17467-13745 = 3722 cars - 10 listed as 12/90 cars = 3712 early cars
215653-212001 = 3652 cars
3722+3652 = 7374 cars for 1991

Total of 6393 cars paint codes pulled for 1991, and  KH2 was the majority again with 56%  of the cars being gunmetal. A distant second was 732, black with 14%. Third place tie for the two silvers. The early silver was KG1 with 7%, the middle silver being KL0 and 7%. Just behind the silvers was 326- white with 7%.  Red - AH3 moved up with 5% of the total cars. TH1 blue - 3%. The special order BL0 was on 1% of the cars, or 46 cars that we pulled records for.

- 08/20/'91 Minor change. Middle model
Bar added in door (50kg weight increase)
Projector light modified(H3C->H1)
Driver's air bag optional
Oil pump drive widened
Cylinder block modified (reinforced partly and lighten)
Rear caliper seal modified
Interior partly changed

The middle/minor change cars are distinguishable by the chassis number. The early cars are all a BNR32-01xxxx.  The middle cars are BNR32-21xxxx.   There are still a few weird ones near the beginning/end of the years. Your mileage may vary.

1991 - Early and Middle

Color Total
KH2 3607
732 906
KG1 436
TH1 211
AH3 338
326 414
BL0 46
AN0 0
KL0 435
All 6393

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