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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Much Maintenance Does a Stock R32 Need?

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R - R32 Legally imported to the USA by importavehicle.com

How Much Maintenance Does a Stock R32 Need?

The 1989-1994 R32 Nissan Skyline share lots of parts with other Nissans. Many of the suppliers are the same, and the parts have similar replacement cycles.  Most cars without service records, you will have to assume that no maintenance has been done.  Plan on at least a fluids, spark plugs, and timing belt change.

Maintenance Requirements for RB26DETT/ R32

Air filter element
Every 36,000 miles
A 10-30 , 15-50

3,000 miles or 6 months
OEM 15208-60U00  
OEM R32  AY100-NS007 
K & N HP-2008 
MOBIL M1-208 
WIX 51361 
OEM(R34, smaller filter) 15208-9E000
Every 3,000 miles
Spark Plugs
BCPR7EIX (one heat range colder iridium)
Every 60,000 miles
Timing Belt
OEM 13028-20P25
Tensioner- 13070-42L00
Idler- 13074-58S00
Tensioner Spring- 13072-58S10

Water Pump - 21010-21U26

N1 Water Pump - 21010-24U27

Oil Seal- Camshaft (x2) 13042-16V00
Oil Seal - Crankshaft Front - 13510-19V00

Every 60,000 miles
Suspension ball joint grease
Every 72,000 miles or 4 years
Manual transmission fluid
GL-4 75 –90
OR Redline Shockproof Heavy (we recommend)
Every 60,000 miles or 2 years
Differential Fluid - Front
GL-5 85W-90 or Shockproof Heavy
Front diff fill plug - 00931-2121A  .   Front diff drain plug (has a magnet)  32103-01A01
Every 60,000 miles or 2 years
- Center
Nissan Automatic Fluid D
Every 60,000 miles or 2 years
- Rear
LSD GL-5 80W-90 or Shockproof Heavy and LSD additive
Every 60,000 miles or 2 years
Fuel Filter
OEM 16400-72L00, 16400-72L05, 16400-72L15
Purolator F44663 same as 1996 Infiniti J30
Every 15,000 miles
Wiper Blades
Right Front
Left Front
19.5 inches
18.5 inches
16 inches
Radiator Cap
OEM – 21430-4B700

AP460 R-4S
FMSI D460, D647, D1182  HB178
As required
AP109 .595 R-4S
As required
296 mm x 32 mm  40206-05U02 Right Side, 40206-05U03 Left Side
As required
Same as Z32 TT  43206-05u13
As required
Power Steering belt
AC belt
Alt/ WP /Fan 
4PK 950
4PK 925
4PK 880
4PK= 4 rib 
950= 950mm

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GT-R Alignment Specifications

Front Camber
- 0deg 50’  +/-45’
- 0deg 50’  +/-45’
- 0deg 55’  +/-45’
Front Caster
3deg 55’ +/- 45 ‘
3deg 55’ +/- 45 ‘
3deg 40’ +/- 45 ‘
Front Toe (mm)
1 +/- 1
Front Kingpin
15deg 20’ +/-45’
15deg 20’ +/-45’
15deg 25 +/-45’

Rear Camber
-1deg 15’ +/-30’
-1deg 05’+/-45’
-1deg 05’ +/-30’
Rear Toe (mm)
2 +/-2

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