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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan GT-R Paint Color Codes

KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic. Late R32 color
 Here is a list of the paint codes, and some picture examples of each, that I could dig up.  Here are the color codes for the R32, R33, R34, and R35 GT-R. These include the special colors, and even the most frequently requested like Bayside Blue- TV2.

KH2. Gunmetal Grey. Popular R32 color. This is a Nismo R32.
#KH2 - Gun Grey Metallic
#KG1 - Jet Silver Metallic
#TH1 - Dark Blue Pearl
#AH3 - Red Pearl Metallic
#732 - Black Pearl Metallic
#326 - Crystal White
#KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic
#BL0 - Greyish Blue Pearl (special order)
#AN0 - Wine Red (None show up in this color)
Total built by color at GT-R Registry

ANO. Super Clear Red R33 GT-R
#AN0 - Super Clear Red
#BN6 - Deep Marine Blue
#KH3 - Black
#KL0 - Spark Silver
#KN6 - Dark Grey Pearl
#LP2 - Midnight Purple
#QM1 - White
#BT2 - Champion Blue (Le Mans)
#KP4 - Sonic Silver
#AR1 - Super Clear Red II
Total built by color at GT-R Registry

TV2. Bayside Blue R34 Skyline GT-R
JW0- Millennium Jade this is a MSpec

#TV2 - Bayside Blue
#QM1 - White
#KR4 - Sonic Silver
#KV2 - Athlete Silver
#GV1 - Black Pearl
#AR2 - Active Red
#EV1 - Lightning Yellow
#LV4 - Midnight Purple II
#LX0 - Midnight Purple III
#WV2 - Sparkling Silver
#QX1 - White Pearl
#EY0 - Silica Breath (Nur Engine Cover)
#JW0 - Millennium Jade
#KY0 - Z-tune Silver (special body color, only for Z-tune)
Total built by color at GT-R Registry

*BNR34 Wheel Paint Code
#JP2 - Outback Gold (pri met)

KAC Titanium
#A54 - Solid Red / Vibrant Red
#KAB - Super Sliver Metalic / Ultimate Metal Silver (special body color)
#KAC - Titanium Metallic / Titanium Gray
#KAD - Gunmetal Metallic / Dark Metal Gray
#KH3 - Black Obsidian / Super Black
#QX1 - Ivory Pearl / White Pearl (special body color)(~'08)
#QAB - Brilliant White Pearl (special body color)('09~)
#LAC - Ultimate Opal Black (special body color, only for Spec V)
LAC - Ultimate Opal Black - Looks Midnight Purple to me

GAG. Nebula Opal Black Black Edition

#KAB - Ultimate Metal Silver (special body color)
#QAG - Ultimate Opal White (special body color)
#QAB - Brilliant White Pearl (special body color)
#GAG - Nebula Opal Black
#A54 - Vibrant Red
#KAD - Dark Metal Gray
#RAY - Aurora Flare Blue Pearl

RAY- Aurora Flare Blue Pearl

The actual "names" of the colors change from region to region. The paint codes do not. The lower body panels on the 2009-2011 GT-R's are KAE. For 2009 there were six colors available. For 2010, Titanium was dropped.  For 2012 colors - see here.
Solid Red - A54

Gun Metallic- KAD
Obsidian Black - KH3
Super Silver - KAB (special color, +$3000)
Titanium -KAC (one year only, 2009)
Pearl White - QX1

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