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Feb 19, 2017

R32 GT-R vs R33 GT-R Key

Now this is minor, but it is a real thing.  Sorry if it doesn't interest you. This is like big time GT-R Nerd stuff. Patrick pointed it out to me one day, as I never noticed.

R32 key on the left. R33 key on the right
Notice the difference?  The GT on the R32 key is recessed. On the R33 key it is raised.  The OEM R32 key is a KEY00-00108. The R33 key is a KEY00-00185.  The R33 key is available though normal channels - like here -

Genuine Nissan OEM part Blank Master Key KEY00-00185 has been discontinued and has been replaced with Nissan Key, Blank Master KEY00-RHR30.

KEY00-00108 superseded by KEY00-00185
KEY00-00185 showing 95 up R33 GT-R

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