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Feb 18, 2017

R34 N1 Super Taikyu Engine Breakdown : What is Inside this Racing RB26

R34 Super Taikyu car. 
When we planned to race a Nissan Skyline GT-R in SCCA World Challenge GT back in 2006, we got a good amount of spares with the two cars.  Taking apart the RB26dett engines, we learned some things.  The NISMO built, Super Taikyu versions of the RB26 were a little bit special. At about $19,000 each, they came dynoed, with turbos, MAF, and ECU. Power was just a little north of 450 horsepower at the engine at about 1.1 kg/cm2 boost.

These pictures are about 11-12 years old now.  So nothing new or break through here. However we would like to show how NISMO does some things on the RB26. These are a few of the interesting things. Stay tuned for more later.  Someone sent us some pictures of the JGTC RB26, and those things are really interesting.

Notice the EGT sensors on each exhaust manifold

Super Taikyu cam cover baffle plate vs stock on the top

Extra fitting for catch can drain

Fuel rail is a little bent, but it has a -6 AN feed under the yellow tape. Also notice location of cam baffle plates

EGT bung in N1 exhaust manifold

Individual exhaust gaskets in metal

Individual exhaust

Exhaust manifolds modified with brace between runners. Only welded one side

One more pic of exhaust manifold brace, only welded one side
Stock exhaust manifold on the left, N1 Super Taikyu on the right

Swinging oil pickup

Swinging oil pickup

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Unknown said...

Swinging oil pickup is interesting. Any more info as to how it works, or their theory as to the pros/cons?

Good stuff here thanks Sean!