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Mar 16, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R : R32 Headlight Differences, and Other Light Bulbs

Headlight Differences. Early, Late, and N1
Early Projector Headlights
Early Projectors (raised rings around the projector and main beam)
Sidemarker : T10/501
Projector : H3c
High Beam : H3

Have you changed your headlight bulbs and they still don't work?  With a 25-30 year old car you will find the weak points. On the R32s, the headlight switch contacts, and headlight power routing are a bit dodgy to put it best.  You may have a car that low beams both work, and one high beam wont. Or one low beam is out, and all the rest work. 

This is often just the switch or connector. After you have verified the bulb is ok, next route is to head to the switch. Two possibles on the switch, the contacts, or the connector being burned. If the connector is burned Supertec racing sells a replacement for £40.00. 

Supertec R35 coil adapter, and Headlight repair harness

Burned OEM headlight connector. This came from the #bluecar

Early projector headlights. Note the projector ring is round
Early R32 headlight parts schematic
Headlight side wiring harness repair parts
3 pin connector -  B4343-0QFB1
2 pin connector - B4342-0TFB0

Late Projector headlights

Late Projectors (No rings around lights / no sidelight diffuser)
Sidelight : T10/501
Projector : H1
High Beam : H3

Late projector headlights in a GTS-t. Not the projector is flat at the top and bottom

N1 Headlights (Also Skyline lights with a grill bracket)

N1 Headlights (aka Skyline lights with a grill bracket 26042-08U05, 26092-08U05)
Sidelight : T10/501
Hi/Lo Dip : H4
Foglight : H3c

N1 Headlights for R32 Skyline
N1 headlights (AKA Skyline headlights with a grill bracket)
R32 N1 headlight per FAST. Some say the grille brackets are plastic on the N1, but FAST shows otherwise.

N1 headlight grille brackets 26042-08U05, 26092-08U05

Useful chart showing the types of headlight bulbs. 

Other Exterior light bulbs

Front Indicator/Turn signal : T10/501 for the small and BA9(?) BA15S? for the large one
        Wire repair harness: B4342-0MFW0 (car side is/was discontinued)
Rear Indicator : 1156, BAY 15S (bayonet, 15 mm, single filament), 380 or 382 (single filament)
Tail Lights : 1157, BAY15D (bayonet, 15 mm, dual filament) 380 or 382 (double filament bulb)
License Plate : T10/501

R32 Corner Lights GTS and GT-R are different. They look similar, do not cross over. 

26242-05U00  - R32 corner light harness
Wiring Specialties R32 GTR Turn Signal Connector Female (harness side) -R32TRNSG-F


R32 speedometer cluster light bulbs and bases OEM part numbers

All the bulbs are 14V- 3.4 watt

A. 24860-35F00 Socket and Bulb Assy
     Orange Base
     Toshiba V2

B. 26260-T8002  Bulb
     This says bulb only, but includes a socket
     Turn signal

C. 24860-40F01  Socket and Bulb Assy

D. 24860-40F02  Socket and Bulb Assy

E. 24860-35F01 - Socket and Bulb Assy

Main Dashboard Bulbs(s) - 501
Cigarette lighter ring - 286
Triple Gauge : T5/286 (x3)
Heater / Aircon Control Backlight: T3 (x6)
Main Interior Light : DE3175   21mm Festoon
Map light: BA9 x 2
Lighter ring : T5/286
Glove box light : T10/501
Trunk : T10/501


Speedo cluster:

Illumination L : T10/501 (x5) - these are the ones in the 5 large brown holders
Illumination S: T5/286 (x2) - these are the ones in the 2 small blue holders

Turn Signals: T10/501 (x2) (these are fine to be LED)

ABS: T5/286
HICAS: T5/286
Handbrake: T5/286
battery light: T10/286

High Beam: T5/286 (okay as an LED)

oil pressure: T5/286
low fuel: T10/501 (x1) - in a large dark brown holder

4WD: T5/286
Blown up Engine: T5/286
Open Door: T5/286

Other interior

Triple Gauge: T5/286 (x3)
Heater Backlight: T3 (x6)
Main Room light: 21mm Festoon
Map Reading: BA9s (x2)
Lighter ring : T5/286
Glove box light: T10/501
Boot: T10/501

Not a Nissan Skyline GT-R Headlight

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