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Jun 22, 2017

How to Build a 10 Second R32 GT-R

Not too bad for the first time and pass at the drag strip.  Stock bottom end. 6266 turbo, E85. Lots of wheel spin, but some wheel spin is good. Keeps drivetrain parts from breaking. Ricardo is getting it done in his R32 GT-R in Australia. 

Took my car to the drag strip to FINALLY see what i could manage on my setup.. Here is how it went! How it drives it how I took it.

Engine: Stock bottom end, stock oil pump, stock harmonic balancer, stock oil sump
Turbo by: Precision 6266 Gen 2 /.84 divided rear
T4 twinscroll Greddy Type R manifold
50mm wastegate
3.5 in exhaust turbo back
HKS 100mm x 700mm x 350mm intercooler + custom piping 
Tomei 1.2mm Headgasket
Tomei type B valve springs + retainers
Tomei Adj. Cam gears
Tomei type B Pon Cams 260 IN 260 EX 9.15 lift
Greddy 50mm Radiator
Grex oil relocation + 13 row oil cooler
Tomei oil restrictor 
HKS fuel rail
Bosch 2200CC injectors
Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator FPR2000
Mines Triple flow Cam cover Baffles
Tomei Exhaust gaskets
HKS intake gaskets

Adaptronic Eselect R33 plug and play

Fuel type: 
2 x Walbro 460 intank fuel pumps


OS giken R3C triple plate




Tuned by: DVS Tuning

Wheels: Stock
Tires: Kenda Komet all season radial 225/50/16
Brakes: stock

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Cardo_GTR said...

Oh wow cool!!! Thanks Sean