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Jun 6, 2017

R32 GT-R Chassis Bracing

A stiffer chassis is better, right?  Car manufacturers always talk about chassis stiffness on their latest and greatest cars. .  The basics of chassis stiffness have to do with flexibility in the body or chassis,  suspension movement, and the suspension vs the chassis absorbing the road or track irregularities.

This is what Mr T had to say about the R32 chassis...

R32 GT-R NISMO strut tower bar
"R32 front chassis is weak in bending and torsion. Add as much bracing as possible , such as Do-luck sub frame connectors and HKS Kansai Kit "

If you have worked on R32,R33, and R34 GT-R, you can see some of the improvements that did to the chassis to stiffen them. There is a point though, when you wonder if all the weight you are adding in bracing is worth the extra benefits in stiffness.  Not sure exactly where the point is located.  There are some other options to really stiffen up a car. Things like a roll cage, like spot welding, however those two items really take some work.

Front Strut tower bar

Transformation Tuesday

Front Fender brackets
  • Tie the outside of the front struts with the door jams
  • These are placed under the fenders
  • Available for R32, R33, R34.
  • Nagisa Auto Fender brace install
  • Ultra Racing braces
Nagisa Auto front fender bracing

Underfloor brace
  • Ties the right and left side of the chassis, under transmission, with the subframe
  • HKS Kansai
  • OEM R34
  • NISMO R33 install -
HKS Kansai underfloor brace. Ties in frame rail with subframe/steering rack

HKS Kansai underfloor brace

Subframe connectors

Rear Strut tower bar
  • Slightly more difficult to change as the top bolts are under the trunk false wall
  • Lots of brands
  • Ties the upper rear shock towers together
  • R33 and R34 have a rear strut tower brace
R33 GT-R factory rear strut tower brace

Trunk bar

  • Seems kind of an odd spot for stiffening
  • Factory on R34 GT-R and some S15
  • Check out for install photos and driving impressions

Series 3 R33 GT-R Trunk bracing
  • did some research on this additional bracing. 
  • "Additional bracing in the trunk rear floor area attaching the rear suspension mount to the floor in order to improve the car’s rigidity. Said to be the equivalent of adding another strut tower bar, and also has the added benefit of strengthening the rear crumple zone."

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