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Dec 20, 2017

Nissan Skyline Spare Tire and Trunk

R32 GT-R Spare Wheel and Tire

The lowly spare tire.  An R32,R33, and R34 GT-R has a space saver spare located in the trunk. The OEM spare will clear OEM brakes, but if you have aftermarket brakes, you should take some time to see if the spare will work.

R32 GT-R spare tire size 125/90/16
R34 GT-R spare tire size 145/70/17

R32 GT-R
40300-05U10 - Wheel Assy - Spare Tire ( just the wheel not the tire)

74810-01A00 -  Clamp Spare Tire - aka the bolt that holds it in place

74588-50A00 - Bracket Spare Tire Clamp.  Aka the part of the car the bolt goes into to hold the spare in place (Alternate 74548-V5000 )

84960-04U00 - Cover Spare Wheel

R32 trunk clips


R32 spare tire cover

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