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Feb 26, 2018

PSA: Mines Tuned ECU R32 GT-R

PSA: Mines Tuned ECU R32 GT-R  You don't want this

PSA: Mines Tuned ECU R32 GT-R

Mines build some great fast cars.  They do a lot of things right on their demo cars.  However, if you want an effective engine destroying tool, or turbocharger exhaust wheel removing tool, then one of their tuned ECU's is it.

2530 exhaust wheel left side, stock ceramic exhaust wheel right side. 

If your car isn't in 100% perfect operating order, fuel injectors, plugs, fuel pump, base timing, etc, and you run one of these ECU's on anything other than about 95 AKI fuel and about 10-14 psi of boost you will blow up your engine.  Seen it dozens and dozens of times over the years.

The timing is so aggressive that it will detonate.  That detonation will kill a turbo, will kill an engine eventually.

One slightly bent RB26 rod

Even if you tried to change the chip inside(to something like a Nistune), they epoxy their chips in, so they are really difficult to remove.  Best course of action is to remove and replace.

Read the Basics, check your ECU, replace it if its a Mines.
Fuel System

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Anonymous said...

We have been using Mine's ECU on our GT-R for long time. But we're also using 100 octane fuel. Do you still recommend changing it? Tune specs of the ECU matches the car also.