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Apr 10, 2018

RB26 Split Air Pipe Service - Divided Twin Turbo Pipe

Split Twin Turbo Pipes by 

Alex Rodriguez Split Twin Turbo Pipe service.  Alex does the best work around on these pipes.   Why do you want to put a divider in the twin turbo pipe? 
$180 no core -send me yours I modify and ship back-takes the longest
$220 modified y-pipe ready to bolt on. Core required. Ships immediately..

I have tried to source Y-pipes here so you guys are not going days without yours cars. Unfortunately the prices some guys are selling them won’t allow me to even sell the service.
Once I get the pipe give me 24-48hrs to do the service and ship back. Yes I cover shipping back to you.
The Y-pipe gets cut completely in half. I weld the plate between and reshape the coupler sealing area. After it’s done i sandblast it ,solvent wash, and clean the with acetone. Finally give it a fresh coat of VHT aluminum."

To contact Alex - check out this post.

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