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Dec 5, 2018

Battle of the Sixes - Haltech Mass Debate

Battle of the Sixes - Haltech Mass Debate

Everyone's got an opinion right? For this Mass Debate we invited Adrian from Summernats and Kristian from Goleby's Parts to debate the topic of six cylinder engines - which one's the best and why? Although this debate focuses on the usual suspects - Nissan's RB, Toyota's JZ and Ford's Barra, we also discuss some other, less popular sixes. Enjoy:) What's your favourite six cylinder engine? Let us know in the comments section! ------------------------------------------------------------ Liked this video? Here are more like it: Best & Worst Engine Swaps: Barra-powered Nissan R32: World's Fastest Barra: Ray's 1000hp Civic: ----------------------------------------­---------------- Like this video? Subscribe to our Channel. ----------------------------------------­---------------- For more Haltech goodness check out our: Website:

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