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Apr 11, 2019 Website Currently Down

While our website is down, we are still reachable at 844-523-2233 or

"The problem as we have determined it is that during an infrastructure migration project carried out early this morning, an important script that ties the various elements of Speed Digital’s applications to the hosting server was unexpectedly deleted. Due to a failed backup, it’s not possible for us to revert to a previous version of this script.
Our development team has been working throughout the day to recreate this script to bring Dealer Accelerate and dealer websites back online.  We have taken the additional step of engaging an external firm with significant infrastructure expertise to engage in an effort parallel to our own to rebuild this vital part of the infrastructure.
We want to emphasize that no Dealer Accelerate data or website information has been deleted due to this failure. As soon as the script is rewritten, all Speed Digital provided software solutions and dealer websites will return to normal operation. As we continue to work on this, we will be putting up a generic maintenance page on your websites so that your site visitors understand that your sites are unavailable due to an IT issue and not due to an issue related to your businesses.  "

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