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Jul 4, 2019

Nissan Skyline Sunvisors

OEM R32 GT-R sunvisors and roof
July 10,2019- I tried some  2004 Toyota Tacoma sunvisors, see pics below

Important task for the hive mind.  New sliding sunvisors that are larger than stock, but fit in with the stock interior. If they are an add on, not look like some cheap piece of shit add on.

12 inches center to center on mounting. 2 bolt mounting

I normally sit with the seat in an R32 GT-R all the way back. Like this the sunvisor doesn't do much when the sun is on the right side.   Newer cars have either built in sliding extensions, or the visor itself slides.  Below is what I am looking for, but the mount is 3 bolts, and the center to center is too big.

Sunvisor with slide out extension from a V36. Center to center on the FX was too big. 
The OEM sunvisors have 2 screws to attach them to the roof.  They are 12 inches center to center on the mounting points.

There must be something out there that will work or get close.  Let me know.  Sort of a stupid thing, but the junkyards probably have something we can use.  Otherwise there may be some good add on, or modifications that can be done.

2004 Toyota Tacoma.
Doesn't quite clear the notch. 

Screws line up well. Countersunk like the OEM Tacoma would have been better

A little small, but lines up well. 

That extension action.  Yes, it is the wrong color, easy to fix.  Anyone else have others that might work better?

OEM vs Tacoma size. 

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