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Aug 4, 2019

R32 GTR Headlight Gasket Seal

R32 GTR Headlight Gasket Seal

This is what we like to see. Solutions to problems that make sense.  In this case it is a pretty minor item, but someone decided they would remake them, give NISMO some competition on parts.

$80 shipped.

High quality laser cut nitrite rubber replaces the old worn and broken headlight dust and water protection in the engine bay. These gaskets come as a set of 2 with 8 OEM clips included.

Lighter and stronger Nitrite rubber headlight dust cover for R32 GTR series 1 and series 2 headlights. Because the compound is stronger than OEM you no longer need the thicker easily breakable material! 
Laser cut accurate 1:1 
Flexible Nitrite Rubber compound 
E85 and fuel safe 
Heat resistant rubber
Sorry this turn signal duct is not available. #bluecar

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