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Aug 18, 2019

RB26dett Oil Pan Testing : Filling it with Water

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The RB26 and oil.  The oil pan is this huge cast piece of aluminum that also houses the front differential.  As car as pans go, its not a bad OEM design. The pickup is semi enclosed.   It has windage tray, it has kickouts.   At high rpm and high g loads, the oil wants to be anywhere but the pan. 

Swinging oil pickup on the Super Taikyu RB26 Engine. Also showing windage tray. 

We have been recommending for many years in our Basics and Oil Change page, to fill the pan to the bump in the dipstick. You get an idea of where that is by looking at the pictures below.  These pictures were taken about 10 years ago, and may not exactly convey what I was originally trying to get across.  Hopefully you get the general idea from these pictures.

Engine Lubrication and Cooling Fluid Capacities for Nissan Skyline

Engine Oil Capacity (quarts)
H Level4.24.34.8
L Level3.23.53.7
Oil and Filter Change~ 4.4~4.8~4.9

Coolant Capactiy (liters)

Engine Oil Pressure(kg/cm2, psi)
RB20E~1.0, 14~3.8,54~4.8,68
RB25DE~1.0, 14~3.3,47~5.3,75
RB25DET~1.0, 14~3.5,50~5.6,85
RB26DETT~1.5, 21~3.0,43~4.6,65

Approximate location of the dipstick in a stock oil pan
Added some water to the pan. Approximately full mark
Added water to approximately full mark

Oil pooling at the rear portion of the pan. This is just a small amount, but will pool here if given a chance

Oil drain back done in Japan many years ago. 

H is visible, as is the bump. 

Approximate dipstick location

Approximate oil pickup location in an RB26 oil pan

Approximate oil level at high mark. 

Oil/water trapped behind axle

Approximate oil pick up location

Small amount of oil/water trapped in rear portion of pan

RB26 oil pan

Tilting Pan about 30 degrees

Showing oil/water level with pan tilted

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