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Feb 23, 2020

Turbo Videos : Richard Holdener :454 V8 : Twin Turbos vs Single

Richard Holdener Twin turbo vs single turbo shootout

I have been a big fan of Richard Holdeners stories for many years. He has run a huge number of engines, turbos, superchargers, nitrous on the dyno over the years. While I don't normally play too much with V-8's, the concepts, the results are all similar for any gasoline, or E85 (Richard loves E85) engine.

FULL RESULTS. Low Buck, Ebay Turbo Test, single $163 turbo vs twin $163 turbos. Also, low-buck twins vs single (Big Buck) Borg S480. Max Data-Boost pressure, Back Pressure and Charge Temp. Did twin turbos cut back pressure in half? Can low-buck EBAY Turbos compete with big-buck Borgs?
Can the BBC 454 make 1000 hp with twin $163 turbos?
Yes, yes it can. The interesting part was looking at the back pressure of the cheap single, vs the cheap twins, and then the billet wheel single.

We really don't talk enough about backpressure in turbo engines. It plays a huge part in response and power. At a point, steeping the compressor side up, which should make more power, will be chocked by the exhaust side.  By plotting boost pressure vs backpressure, you get a good idea of what is happening.   Anyone serious about running turbos should be datalogging backpressure. Watch the video, and subscribe to him for a ton of great tech.

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