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Thursday, March 19, 2020

How to Import a JDM Skyline GT-R from Japan - Fast Class GTChannel

How to Import a JDM Skyline GT-R from Japan - Fast Class GTChannel
GT Channel comes to Toprank Importers to talk about how to buy and import a JDM Skyline from Japan.  Brian runs them through a few options, and things to check on cars.

NOTE: 2:17 Domestic Transportation varies depending on where the car is located in Japan. Also this not applicable if buying from Top Rank Japan.
1. Vehicle (R32 GT-R)  $30,000
2. Export & Import Cost $5,500
3. Tariff(2.5%)  $750
Total    $36,250
Additional CA Registration $10,000
CA Emisson Test Prep     $1,000
Total in California  $47,250 
We visited Top Rank Vehicle Importers to get into the details of importing a JDM car from Japan.
Top Rank are the leading Nissan Skyline GT-R importers in the US. Visit http://www.importavehicle.com for more info.
Shout out to JP Garage Media for the footage from Japan! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNQXOcnnIG9EfimKVkV5cg
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