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Mar 26, 2020

Why I Don't Like Waffle House : World Challenge GT Nissan Skyline GT-R

This story may seem like it has nothing to do with GT-R's, but it does.  It involves racing in Florida in 2006 with the R34 GT-R race car.  If you followed the story, we raced at Sebring in World Challenge GT, had a small fire. Then tested the car at Moroso, where the car crashed. We swapped all the parts from the main car to backup car, then ran at St. Petersburg. The intercooler pipe came off at St. Pete, and we DNF.

In 2006, after a tough week of racing, we went to a Waffle House in Florida.It was a Saturday night, we were pretty worn out. Pretty sure we were still in our race gear, there was 6 or 7 of us. It was late, but not really late. No drinking, just tired as hell after a tough week.So, there wasn't anywhere for us to all sit together, we sit at two different tables on opposite sides of the restaurant. We had to be back in LA on Wednesday to run the Long Beach Grand Prix, I did mention we were in Florida?

When we go to order, the waitress says " we ain't got no waffles".

So it seems they ran out of non stick, and couldn't cook waffles. This was, and is still hilarious to me. I mean waffle house, no waffles.

I ordered a hamburger, and when it came, it was a cheeseburger. I don't really like cheese on burgers, so I let the waitress know that I ordered a hamburger. She took the whole plate, everything on it, and just dumped it all in the trash right in front of me.

Can you imagine someone just taking a whole plate of food, and dumping it in the trash, in just about one single action.

That was pretty much a fuck you, and set me off pretty good after a week of hell. They threatened to call the cops, I kicked a few chairs, we went to IHOP, which did have Pancakes.

So fuck Waffle House.

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