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Apr 14, 2020

Crank Angle Sensor Rebuilds in the US (CAS)

Crank Angle Sensor Rebuilds in the US (CAS)
Crank Angle Sensor Rebuilds in the US (CAS)

John offers a service to rebuild/repair the crank angle sensor for your RB series engine.   We had him rebuild a couple for us. If you want to get another 25 years of life out of your crank- not cam angle sensor, then John can do them for you. 

Offering CAS sensor rebuilds for $125 flat rate each.

This includes checking initial function, light soda blasting, opening and cleaning, replacing bearings, resealing CAS, new orings, and confirming function once I've got it back together, and finally shipping back to you. All included for the $125.

For another $75 I will reassemble the CAS with an AEM 24-1 disk (if your CAS will support it, not all will) for use with aftermarket ECUs. I supply and install the AEM disk for that $75.

I was doing them for $100, but it's too much labor to justify that cost, as you all seem to like to send me the most corroded nasty CAS sensors your can find in the ocean.

Center two are rebuilt, outer two are not.

Also have plenty of repair parts if there is something horribly wrong with your CAS and it needs a disk or something.

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