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Sep 16, 2020

R34 GT-R Japanese Auto Auction Results

R34 GT-R Japanese Auction Prices
R34 GT-R Japanese Auction Results in 2020 via GT-R Registry

These COVID times are odd times in the car business. The new car side seemed like it was slow. Both due to closures on the dealer and factory side.  The used car market has been hot. And in the case of R34 GT-R, its been really hot. Nearly 50% up in the last three months.  We are over three years away from the first R34 GT-R turning 25 years old, and legal to import to the US, and people are buying and stocking up already. 

R34 GT-R Auction Results for last 3 months update. 
WOW!!! Lets get straight to it:
Absolutely unbelievable results this quarter. Records were set all over the place. With quite a number of high quality low milage R34 GT-Rs sold at auction, and an overall trend of increasing prices worldwide for JDM cars in the past few months, I was expecting this quarter to be up a fair bit, but nowhere near what this data shows.
Average sale price for R34 GT-Rs over the past 3 months is 11,190,606 yen ($145.0k AUD / $106.4k USD / 82.2k GBP / 89.5k Euro)*!!!!! Car cost only [see below].
This is up 49.6% in the past 3 months and up 56.4% in the past 13 months.
Sorry if this means the R34 GT-R dream is dead for you. What can I say? The prices on these have gone nuts. And it's only going to keep going up, with insane levels of demand coming from all over the world. Demand in USA will continue to climb as they slowly become more legal over the next 7 years. Here in Australia they seemed to have doubled in price and have become very hard to source as very few are being listed on the market.
Heaps of records from this quarter:
V-Spec II Nür - TV2 Bayside Blue 52k km, Grade 4 - 26,200,000 yen: 2nd highest ever paid for R34 GT-R
M-Spec Nur - JW0 Millennium Jade 61k km, Grade 3.5  - 24,030,000 yen: Highest ever for M-Spec Nur, 3rd highest ever for R34 GT-R
V-Spec - LX0 Midnight Purple 3 - 41$k km, Grade 4.5 - 16,705,000 yen: Highest ever Midnight Purple 3
V-Spec - LX0 Midnight Purple 3 - 65$k km, Grade 4.5 - 15,105,000 yen: 2nd highest ever Midnight Purple 3
V-Spec - TV2 Bayside Blue - 60k km, Grade 4.5 - 16,170,000 yen: Highest ever for V-Spec
M-Spec - QX1 Pearl White - 12k km, Grade 3 - 15,050,000 yen: Highest ever for M-Spec
V-Spec II - GV1 Black Pearl - 23$k km, Grade 4.5 - 14,000,000 yen: 4th highest ever for V-Spec II
GT-R (Series 1) - GV1 Black Pearl - 143$k km, Grade 3 - 9,580,000 yen: Highest ever for GT-R (Series 1)
GT-R (Series 2) - TV2 Bayside Blue - 50$k km, Grade 4 - 9,000,000 yen: 2nd highest ever for GT-R (Series 2)
Number of new records added: 33
(We may have missed a couple at the start of June)
Total Records: 737
Average mileage for cars with original cluster 81,176 km
Average mileage for cars with non original cluster 90,687 km
M-Spec nur x 1
V-Spec II nur x 2
M-Spec x 4
V-Spec II x 2
V-Spec x 13
GT-R (Series 2) x4
GT-R (Series 1) x7
* Car cost = auction sale price. Not including delivery to dock (FOB), shipping, compliance, taxes etc
$ = Non original cluster.

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