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Oct 21, 2020

Its Twins!

Yes I am a proud papa. Its twins.  GTX2971R for #bigbird2

They just arrived. My pair of Garrett GTX2971R turbos in a bolt on application for ab RB26dett.  Look I know that singles are more efficient. I know the small exhaust housings can only flow so much. 

These are pretty huge. 54.1 mm inducer. 71.4 exducer on the compressor side.  56.5 mm inducer and 53.6 mm exducer on the turbine side. In the meat of the efficiency they flow about 40 lb/min airflow at 2.5 pressure ratio on the compressor. Exhaust side with the 0.64 trim maxes out at about 19 lb/min at 2.5 pressure ratio. In theory these should do about 100 horsepower over the GT-RS at the same boost levels. 

Twin GTX2971R
Big Bird 2

They are going on an RB30 with a bunch of cam, some good insides, and some nitrous if they need some motivation to wake up.  

GTX2971R vs stock R34 GT-R turbo

GTX2971R vs stock R34 GT-R turbo

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