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Jan 6, 2021

Big Bird 2 Updates : Turbos and Engine Insides

GTX2971 on the left. OEM R34 turbo on the right

More updates. Did more things, didn't really post here on the blog about it.  So the RIPS assembled RB30 that we got was stock inside (good for lots of power, but we want more than lots), so decided to upgrade it without going all HAM. No billet blocks, no 3.2 strokers. Just stock crank, CP Pistons, some aluminum rods.  Had the pistons and oil pump treated at WPC

OEM R34 turbocharger. Notice the size of the wheel, and the step in the inlet of the compressor housing

GTX2971. Notice the size of the wheel. Notice no step in the inlet

GTX2971 on the left, stock R34 GT-R on the right

When it comes to turbochargers, the bigger the wheels, the more air they move, to a point. Since the compressor wheel is mechanically coupled to the exhaust wheel, and the exhaust wheel drives the compressor wheel, if the exhaust wheel can't flow any more air, or is in-efficient, then you can't ingest any more air. 

You can read some more about the GTX2971 over here -

These are pretty huge. 54.1 mm inducer. 71.4 exducer on the compressor side.  56.5 mm inducer and 53.6 mm exducer on the turbine side. In the meat of the efficiency they flow about 40 lb/min airflow at 2.5 pressure ratio on the compressor. Exhaust side with the 0.64 trim maxes out at about 19 lb/min at 2.5 pressure ratio. In theory these should do about 100 horsepower over the GT-RS at the same boost levels.

GTX2971 turbocharger exhaust wheel

Stock R34 GT-R ceramic exhaust wheel

New Greddy Airinx air filter at the bottom
GReddy introduces a new updated dry filter to the popular Japanese Airinx line. The new Airinx will eventually replace the previous application-specific GReddy Airinx AY-MB and Airinx AY-SM kits with the new Airinx M and Airinx S elements. The larger Airinx M currently comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes: 70mm, 80mm and 100mm. The smaller Airinx S also comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes 50/60mm, 70mm and 80mm. Both sizes include the optional GReddy badge to attach to the side of the filter. These dry filter elements work well for both normally-aspirated and forced induction systems and are easily washable with water and mild detergent.

WPC treated CP Pistons

WPC treated CP Pistons

WPC treated oil pump gears and housing

WPC treated oil pump gears and housing

WPC treated oil pump gears and housing. Supertec Racing Spline Drive

WPC treated spline drive

DLC treated heavy duty pins. Not the heaviest duty, but fastest to get

DLC treated heavy duty pins. Not the heaviest duty, but fastest to get

CP Pistons R&R racing aluminum rods. CP HD pins. Tomei oil pump. 

It all is coming together. Next is figuring out the head, the head porting. The camshafts(may go a little weird here). Still need to get an ECU, and some injectors for it. 

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