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Jan 25, 2021

The 5 worst things to do while building your first Nissan RB Engine

The 5 worst things to do while building your first Nissan RB Engine

NoZilla has some solid advice on building your RB powered car.  One of the biggest things is setting goals. Set a goal, try and stick to it. Don't keep chasing after every shiny new thing that is coming out, unless you have unlimited time, money, and patience.  Those new turbos, those drive by wire, those coil pack things may look cool, but thousands of people have built a car that is faster, and more powerful than the one you are building, with OEM parts.  I'm no troglodyte, but I like other people to do most of my R&D, before I make it part of my build. 

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I cover what I see as the 5 most common pitfalls that Nissan RB owners do when rebuilding their engines for the first time. Some of this I've learned the hard way and some of it I've seen others go through. Whether you have a RB20, RB25, RB26 or even an RB30, I hope this helps you start your journey down the path of forging your RB engine with a little more information than you had before. The way I see it, money is getting spent - take the right steps and make sure there is something to enjoy afterwards.

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