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Mar 21, 2021

bluecar March 2021

With my son. Picture by Alvin Miles. Thanks Alvin. 

Its March 2021. Still working on the bluecar. Still tinkering with things.   Got some things coming up with it.  Still sorta prepping it to sell. The sooner I sell it, the sooner I can focus back on Nismo 500, and BB2.  

Nismo 500 has just been siting in the warehouse for more than a year. 

I did an update in February, so here is what has happened since then.   I filled it up with E85.  $2.49 per gallon with Vons discount.  79% ethanol by my ECB-1

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Ryobi 18v grinder taking the head off some allen hardware

More than that.  I replaced the rotor rings on the two piece front rotors. Racing Brakes had some rings in stock, and the car needed them. They had been run hard, and were showing those signs. The old hardware, allens didn't all come off that easy.  So took to the Ryobi 18v grinder to take the heads off. I really like this Ryobi grinder. Works much better than the Craftsman 19.2 that I have used a long time. The Craftsman never seem to last long on a charge, and always seem to stop/ not take much of a load.  At $45 to $70 the Ryobi is great if you have that line of cordless tools. 

Old Brembo hardware. These did not come out without a fight

Torqueing the hardware to 108 in/lbs or 9 ft-lbs

Racing Brakes Brembo/Stoptech replacement rotor ring installation guide

Rotor Ring (355x32) for Stoptech/Brembo BBK Replacement (Brembo P/N: 09.9306.11 &.21)

The Racing Brake 355 x 32 rotors with my aluminum hats weighed in at 18.96 lbs or 19 between friends. 

The Racing Brake locking hardware. They also don't use allen head bolts. So should be easier to remove after a lot of heat cycles. 

Rotor Ring (355x32) for Stoptech/Brembo BBK Replacement (Brembo P/N: 09.9306.11 &.21)

Testing some GMR 04 wheels on the bluecar

Huge caliper clearance with the GMR 04 wheels from VR Wheels

Don't worry with what is going on there. 

Toyo R88R 265-35-18

Interesting how the stackup changes mounted to un mounted. The R888R are 265. The RE71R are 275

R888R 265/35/18 on the left, RE71R 275/35/18 on the right

I removed the GK Tech uppers. I just wasn't that happy with them. The bearings in them aren't durable enough for me. The adjustment of them on car is pretty difficult.  The silver sliders are something I have had for a while. I forget who made them.  I was going to install them, but I think I am going to work on something else suspension wise for the front.  

Nismo upper mounts, and stock upper arm.  The bluecar also has the longer lower control arm from Nismo.  The OEM is 5mm shorter C-C. So this will give you more camber. It also widens the front track a little, something you want to help front grip. 

Put the Auto Select front radiator plate back on the car. I like this one, it covers everything in the front including the headlights. Air through things is important. Very important. 

ARC Grille Mount Oil cooler. In this car I run two oil coolers. It also has one mounted under the car. When I run a GT-R hard, I get the oil hot. 

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