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Apr 7, 2021

Racetech 9 Inch Nissan Skyline GT-R differential

Racetech GT-R 9 inch differential

This new 9 inch differential from Racetech isn't the kind of part for everyone. The OEM rear differential, the R200 is a pretty strong part. However with enough power, enough wheel hop, you can destroy about anything.  They have made up this 9 inch bolt in setup, that seems like it uses a Holinger HFD setup.  Its nice to have a bolt in already made up solution, using real race car parts. 

  • Input Torque rating for endurance events is 1500Nm (
  • The Crown Wheel and Pinion is based around Ford 9" components.
  • A wide variety of ratios between 2.80 and 4.71:1 are available.
  • Input is via a removable coupling, customised to suit requirements. Standard types include 1350 series yoke, CV style flange and a splined coupling.
  • Features quick-change side nuts to control backlash and differential bearing preload.
  • A variety of differential centres are available to suit customer requirements, including torque biasing and clutch plate LSD's as well as spools.
  • Output is via bolt up flanges, integral tripods or to suit customer requirements.

Racetech GT-R 9 inch differential

Racetech's new GT-R 9 inch bomb proof differential on its way to a customer utilising a 35 spline drag crown wheel and pinion with custom gtr 6 bolt input yoke, 33 spline bespoke half shafts that bolt directly to gtr shafts. Our new cnc diff mounts and abs brackets

Racetech GT-R 9 inch differential

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