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Jul 27, 2021

Skyline vs. Hyundai? 600-ish hp R33 GT-R Races a 500hp Genesis // This vs. That[HOONIGAN]

In this episode of This vs That on Hoonigan, we have a new Genesis (don't call it a Hyundai) vs an R33 GT-R. 

You know we wouldn’t bring Gary King Jr. to This vs. That without his very own green and galactic R33 GT-R. But can an old JDM classic match up to a modern Hyundai? Who knows, but somewhere in the past 20 years, Hyundais have gotten dumb quick. And we’ll leave it at that. 
Is it really a GT-R if its just rear wheel drive? The whole beauty of the modern GT-R is that it is all wheel drive. The ATTESA all wheel drive system gives you a lot of the best of what a rear wheel drive and all wheel drive car are. A little bit of slip, not locked. Open when you need it to be open, progressively locked up as you lose traction. 

Plus Gary needs a few lessons in shifting, even though some people say it was the clutch slipping. I think it may have just been spinning the tires. A GT-R in rwd mode will spin the tires pretty easily.  Check out the video, what do you think? 

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