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Aug 3, 2021

Hawkins' TOP-10 Best SKYLINE GT-R Tuning Tips and Tricks

Andrew from Motive Video, just posted up this Top 10 tips for GT-R.  Like anything in life, we don't agree with 100% of what Andrew has to say, but he will set you on a good path.  However we think that #1 should be tires. You can't put the power to the ground, you can't turn, brake, or cruise well with the wrong tire.

1) Cam gears, if tuned work out well. You gain/shift the powerband. Its nice to get some more area under the curve, unless you are just racing dynos. However many people set them to 0 and never adjust them.  So if you get them, dial them in on the dyno. 

2)The steering spacer does help firm up steering feel, but there is also the mounting of the steering rack itself.  It is not an easy part to replace in car. Much easier if the engine is out.  

3) E85 is gods own fuel. 

5) Hicas is complex, probably too complex for most of the Australians to understand.

6) Front LSD helps make the car into AWD vs 3 wheel drive. Many of them can get a little loud and poppy. 

8) I am not that worried about rear camber arms for road racing. I am more worried about front camber arms for handling. The R32 GT-R will handle better with some more front camber. For drag racing, removing some camber will help it hook up. 

9) The 6 speed is so expensive now, its something hard to recommend. Sequentials are fun, and if a GT-R is your fun car, then highly recommended.  The 5 speed has some issues, but I don't hate the trans.

10) We all know its better to have twins than a big single. 

11) 10-60 is the stuff to use.  They do really like it from what I have seen the last few years.

At Motive Video we love producing Tech and Project Car features that help viewers modify their own cars. We've been modifying and featuring GT-Rs and GT-R parts for almost 15 years, as well as worked with the best GT-R tuners in the world. In this video, Andrew shares his personal Top-10 best GT-R modifications and upgrades that help transform or improve your GT-R. #gtr #skylinegtr #gtrtuning Get your Motive Video merchandise here: Get the GT-R parts we recommend here: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Find the parts or videos we talk about in the video here: (This is not a paid video or paid links): 1 - Adjustable Cam Gears 2 - Steering shaft spacer 3 - E85 conversion 4 - Re-Wire and upgrade fuel pump 5 - HICAS REMOVAL 6 - FRONT LSD 7 - OIL ACCUMULATOR 8 - REAR CAMBER ARMS 9- 6-SPEED SWAP 10 - SINGLE TURBO 11- WHICH OIL TO USE Motive Video creates content on modified performance cars, focussing on Japanese cars, but also European and hi-tech V8s. We build project cars, showcasing the development and testing, as well as attend various events around the world. Our videos include: - Project Cars - Technical Features - Event Coverage - Car Features Providing high level and accurate technical knowledge, data and education is our core mission statement, as well as showcasing the best events, cars, workshops, companies and parts the performance car scene has to offer. We also run our own private events including: - GT-R Challenge: - Drag Battle: - Ultimate Street Car: - Runway Thrash: - GT-R Festival: - Japanese Car Festival: https://japanesecarfestival.bigcartel... These unique events not only help showcase some of the best cars and workshops on the planet, but gives us exclusive content you can only see on Motive Video.

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