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Jan 28, 2022

MotoIQ looks at the HKS Group A R32 Skyline GT-R

HKS Group A R32 GT-R

Group A. I really like the Group A R32 GT-R. Production based cars, not silhouette cars. Lots of upgrades and modifications, altered suspension pick up points, reinforced parts, but these cars still have the essence of what a true street to race car is. 

I have posted technical documents, and a story by Alexander about the Group A cars in the past.  I even had the chance to buy one a few times, and like anything in life, you don't always have all the right factors (money/space) to get that thing you really want. 

MotoIQ goes into detail with a bunch of pictures, but I am just going to focus on a few things I find interesting on the HKS car. Of course with race cars, there are many revisions and upgrades so early and later cars often differ. Plus 30 years on, making/finding getting those parts can be difficult/impossible. 

Stock CAS. Reinik fuel rail. HKS turbo inlet and outlet piping. 

The engine above looks pretty standard RB26. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy. Starting at the top, they have the coil cover/valley cover off. With it on, you just cook the coils/harness. Which if you notice, appear to be stock coils. Stock harness. The breather setup is pretty basic too. Capped on the hot side. Factory crossover, then off to a catch can. MotoIQ pointed out, you can see where the Reinik sticker was removed off the timing belt cover. Reinik built the engines for the Group A cars. Even though HKS did plenty of their own engine builds, it seems like, perhaps due to homologation, they used Reinik engines and parts. The fuel rail is Reinik, which is interesting they haven't/didn't swap to their own billet piece. If I were HKS, I would have put my own part on there. You can see lots of heat wrap/shielding on the firewall and shock tower on the hotside. 

Stock CAS! You can see its a fabricated engine harness, not the factory harness. The collector(not a plenum) is factory. There are modifications to the balance tube/water bleeder that are visible in the cold side pictures.  Hard inlet piping. Hard/HKS style outlet piping. The alternator appears to have a Reinik pulley on it. Interesting it doesn't have the Reinik water pump pulley on it. Has a factory damper. Factory PS pump, Hicas capped off. You can see the crossover radiator/tube.  No undertray. 

Hotside detail. You can see a couple of widebands in there. Factory manifold covers

Hotside looks pretty standard. About the only thing I see as interesting is they have a wideband off each turbo. That is a little close to the turbo outlet for most sensors. 

Coldside. Air bleeder. Different air inlet temp sensor. OEM isn't hooked up

On the cold side you can see the water venting/bleeder setup. Factory inlet temperature sensor isn't hooked up. The factory ones are like a radiator/coolant temp sensor and not the best at recording actual air inlet temps. Rather the temp of the plenum itself.  There is an adjustable fuel pressure regulator visible. As well as some lines for oil cooler/coolers. Welded in strut tower bracing. 

Just noticing this now. I would like to see the front suspension of the HKS car. The other group A cars don't use the standard mounting location/style for the tops of the front shocks. This car appears to. 

Group A suspension and driveline components

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